Choose the Right Space Heater for Your Home

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Stay Safe and Save Money

With Winter still dishing out some really cold weather, lots of families are looking for more cost-efficient ways to heat their homes. The sticker shock of their December, January and February electric bill got them to thinking about using a space heater to give their family some cozy, wintertime heat without the hassle and expense of traditional heating systems. Space heaters actually have been shown to cut wintertime heating bills by up to 30%. 

Using several space heating units in one room can cause problems. The average breaker is a 15 amp breaker and the average space heater takes up between 10.4 – 15 amps. Using multiple space heaters can cause the breaker to trip. However, don’t make the mistake of using a larger amp breaker (30 to 40 amps), as this can easily overheat and start a fire.

Don’t buy a space heater that’s too large for the room because it won’t be a cost-efficient use of energy. Although bigger may seem to better, a small space heater can quickly heat up even the most poorly insulated room.

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Rockwall - Garland -Space heater  - electric heater

Don’t use a space heater if you’re not in the room with it. Many fires are started by space heaters that haven’t been properly attended to, so don’t let it run while you’re out of the house. Keep the space heater away from flammable items and materials.

To avoid danger to children and pets, keep them away from the space heater. Children are curious little creature which is why they should be kept away from the controls of the heater to avoid any risk of burns.

Check your smoke detectors to see if they’re working properly and check your outlets to see if they’re safe for space heater usage.

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Rockwall - Garland -Space heater  - electric heater

RealTime Electrical Solutions offers quality electrical services at a fair price. They provide residential & commercial lighting installation, house wiring, electric panel upgrades, outlet repair and installation, and ceiling fan installation. If you’re looking for an honest electrician you can trust, call master electrician Kalin Seamans on (469) 475-5488 and he will help you.

Extra Electrical Outlets Are the Way To Go

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Adding much needed electrical outlets as you add more and more electronics and appliances to your home is ridiculously inexpensive. I’m a master electrician, so I know these things.
Daisy-chaining power strips and extension cord overloads electrical outlets and is a REALLY BAD IDEA. Not only can overloading outlets damage the expensive equipment being powered, this practice is a very real fire hazard. 

More electrical outlets in your home can actually make your life more pleasurable. For example, I could add a strip of outlets inside of a cabinet under your bathroom sink or add it to the back of the vanity drawer where you store your hair dryer. I could also add extra outlets above and beneath the desktop of your home office to optimize efficiency and get rid of ugly power cords everywhere. How convenient is that!

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PLEASE don’t risk your family’s safety linking extension cords all over the house trying to save a little time or money. The odds are not good for a happy ending. This is a simple fix that I would love to make for you. Respectfully, Kalin Seamans.

Who Started The Christmas Light Craze?

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Texans love lights on the tree, lights on the house, and lights on just about anything that stands still around Christmas time. Loved by many and disdained by others, this modern trend of electric lights on Christmas trees probably saved thousands of lives because they replaced actual candles on cut live trees!

In 1882, Edward H. Johnson wired together the very first string of electric lights designed to wind around a Christmas tree. He hand-wired 80 red, white and blue light bulbs for his own Christmas tree, but his new invention never really caught on because the general public was still a little afraid of electricity.

United States President, Grover Cleveland began to change that when in 1895 he asked for the White House family Christmas tree to be illuminated by hundreds of multicolored electric light bulbs. Then on Christmas Eve 1923, President Calvin Coolidge lit up the National Christmas Tree with an amazing 3,000 electric lights. 

Back then, a “wireman,” now referred to as an electrician, would need to install strings of lights on your Christmas tree. It’s estimated that lighting an average Christmas tree with electric lights before 1900 would have cost about $2,000 in today’s money.

RealTime Electrical Solutions- Indoor lighted Christmas Lights - Kalin Seamans Neighbourhood Rockwall Electrician

At the beginning of the twentieth century, General Electric introduced “pre-assembled” kits of stringed Christmas lights for decorating your tree which brought the price down considerably. The real craze began however, in 1917 when an American teenager recognized a real opportunity in selling Christmas tree lights. Albert Sadacca talked his family into selling brightly colored strands of Christmas lights through their novelty business. Albert and his brothers organized what became the National Outfit Manufacturers Association Electric Company that basically owned the entire Christmas light market until the 1960s.

Do you have a circuit breaker that trips frequently?

Fuses or breakers are designed so that if a current is high enough to damage the wiring, the fuse or breaker will detect this and open the circuit. That’s engineer talk for stopping the electric running through the circuit and turning it off!

Fuses and circuit breakers protect the wiring and shut off the power. If a current is high enough to damage the wiring, the fuse or breaker will detect this and open the circuit i.e. switch it off. However, unacceptably high currents can cause insulation damage and overheating that threaten to either damage electrical appliances connected to the circuit or cause combustible materials near the wiring to ignite.

Most people with breakers will just find which one tripped and flip it back on. This is not the best thing to do without paying some attention to what caused the circuit to be overloaded in the first place. Usually the home owner would have some clue as to what is stressing the electrical circuit. Did you just add a space heater to a circuit that tripped when the heater was in use for the first time, or when the temperature sank really low and caused the heater to stay on longer?

The real problem is that the wiring may be improperly sized for your space heater and all the other things you have already on the circuit. If this happens to you you may need to add a separate circuit for the space heater, or beef up the whole circuit.

Older homes may need electrical Upgrades. When homes are built, strict building codes and a professional, licensed electrician all but guarantee a safe electrical system in the home. Even a home built in 1950 should be perfectly safe today, if nobody has tampered with the wiring. Of course, since most people can’t live without a microwave and other modern appliances, almost no home goes too long with its original wiring. Most problems with electrical wiring occur when these upgrades aren’t done correctly. Microwaves, computers, space heaters, and air conditioners are the biggest culprits, but any appliance, even toasters, may require alterations to your electrical wiring.

So remember this, if a circuit is overloaded it doesn’t mean that it will just blow a breaker. It could possibly cause a fire to ignite! If your breaker is tripping regularly call Kalin Seamans and have him check out the problem. Kalin is a family man himself and he wants to keep your family safe.

Commercial Electrical Panels

commercial electrical services rockwall county - greater garland area

Top commercial electrician in Rockwall County and Greater Garland, RealTime Electrical Solutions’ mission is to offer our clients superior service in every way. Our team has gone through extensive training and certified to handle any type of electrical issue your business may face. We do all of our own work and never sub-contracting anything.

From repairing code violations to installing new lighting, RES completes the work promptly and at an affordable price. Professionalism, continuing education and value are hallmarks of the RES business model. We never compromise on service and would welcome the opportunity to earn your business. We offer a full range of commercial electrical services including electrical panel installation, upgrades & repairs throughout Rockwall County and the Greater Garland area.

Start off 2018 with Electrical Safety

Watch for warning signs that may indicate the need for a new electrical panel in your facilities. These signs include, breakers frequently tripping, warm breakers, flickering lights and crackling or sizzling at the panel. Please don’t dismiss these warning signs. The dangers of ignoring these symptoms include more and more circuit issues within the panel due to heat and a potential fire. 

We offer full electrical service to ensure that your property is safe. We put our money where our mouth is and offer 55% off electrical panel upgrades and replacements to help you ensure that your electrical safety is not compromised. Call us now for a New Year’s electrical safety check.

rockwall county commercial  electrician - main panel upgrades

Safety is a top priority at RealTime Electrical Solutions. We will replace your electrical panel according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, install approved breakers, and if necessary perform a full service upgrade. We also include all permitting as required. Contact us for your commercial electrical panel maintenance Rockwall County and the Greater Garland area.

In addition to the services listed above, we also offer:

Service Panel Upgrades
Meter Base Repairs
Meter Base Replacements
Service Mast Repairs
Replace Weather Head
New Grounding Systems
Whole House Surge Protection Devices
Label Circuits on Existing Panels
Sub Panel Installation

Call Kalin Seamans, owner of RealTime Electrical Solutions and Master Electrician, with any questions you have about your electrical systems.

Your Neighborhood Rockwall Electrician

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Rockwall Harbor - Rockwall & Garland local electrician

Kalin Seamans, owner of RealTime Electrical Solutions, is your Rockwall County master electrician.

Before starting his own local electrical contracting business in Rockwall, Texas, Kalin served as CEO of Paragon Electric for four years. What Kalin felt was missing in from the electrical services business was mostly the service part. He began his company to change all that. 

In order to give your customers personal service and the custom electrical solutions they deserve, Kalin believes you need to live where you work. Because of that, he and his wife are raising their family in Rockwall County and that’s where he’s building his business.

RealTime Electrical Solutions serves Kalin Seaman’s Rockwall, Heath, Rowlett, Royse City, Forney, Fate, and Garland neighbors. Because he’s the company’s Master Electrician, he’s personally responsible for providing your family and your business with expert advice and skilled electrical work.

Kalin Seamans is your neighborhood electrician and he’s ready to help you.

Electric Smokers: Smart Choice for Your Thanksgiving Turkey

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Thanksgiving Turkey Smoker

Baking in the oven is how most Americans cook their Thanksgiving turkey. There’s nothing in the world wrong with that except that it leaves no room for cooking any other dishes in your oven.

Surprisingly, smoking your turkey is healthier than deep frying or oven baking because it requires no oil at all. Smoking actually retains more of the nutritional value of the meat than other methods. 

Smoking meat usually conjures up pictures of a specially built smoke house where meat is hung for weeks or a giant metal drum covered with black soot. Then there’s the piles of wood you have to burn to create the smoke. The meat tastes great, but it would be way too much trouble to cook like that when you’re trying to feed your family. Right? Wrong.

New electric smokers are convenient to use because they uses electricity to ignite the wood required to make the smoke. Even better, the wood comes in convenient chips of mesquite, pecan and other varieties that lend their specific flavor to the meat.

Thermostats monitor the temperature inside and there are control panels for just about everything. Master electrician, Kalin Seamans will be happy to chat with you about these new electric smokers. He’s already in the holiday spirit!

Keeping the Lights On When the Electric Grid Fails You

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Recent technology has brought us ever increasing ways to set up our homes so that it can experience electrical grid outages and just keep on running.

For instance, batteries are gradually growing in size and capacity powerful enough to run your entire house. Here in sun-baked Texas, it will soon be possible to backup your regular electric supply using a battery that is kept fully charged by solar power.

Ultimately, you will be able to create a system to:

• Charge its batteries automatically from either solar power or inexpensive off-peak electricity from your electric company, whichever works best for you at any given time.

• Automatically switch to battery power or solar power, whenever normal grid service is interrupted.

• Maintain power to selected circuits in your home such as lights and your refrigerator or completely replace power to all the circuits in your home. 

In fact, it’s already possible to make your home independent of the electrical grid to cover emergencies with the use of a well designed grid-tied solar electric system.

There are already “conventional” generator backup power systems that run on gasoline, diesel or natural gas. There are also “hybrid” or dual systems, where both a solar electric-powered / battery backup, along with a conventional generator are tied into the home’s emergency power circuits. Convenience, security and safety are the main considerations when deciding on solid backup electrical system.

Not quite sure which type or size of backup power system is the best one you? Master Electrician, Kalin Seamans is an expert in the field. Kalin will show you all of your options, help you choose a backup power plan that is perfect for your family’s protection and your budget, then he’ll design and install a custom system just for you.

NASA image of Solar Eclipse – click to enlarge

Electrical Safety for Halloween

RealTime Electrical Solutions, Inc. - Halloween safety tips Rockwall TX

October is finally here! Time to stock up on sweet treats, then fill the yard and home with ghastly decorations. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be spooky!

Before lying in wait for those young ghosts, goblins and caped crusaders to invade your neighborhood demanding their treats, keep the following safety tips in mind to make sure the electrical elements in and around your home are ideally maintained to minimize risk.

Halloween means strings of decorative lights, fog machines, strobe and black lights, animatronics, electrically powered decorations and the list goes on. These things all add to the ambience, but they also create the added dangers of fire, electrocution and other nasty accidents. It is very important that you look for these potential dangers and eliminate them before you flip the switch.

As you unpack the cardboard boxes and plastic containers full of plastic skeletons, lighted pumpkins, and assorted “Boo factor” decorations, make sure you check them for electrical component issues/ Examine each of the decorations as you un-box them for frayed wires, burnt out lightbulbs and batteries that need replacing. Also, look for cracked or frayed sockets, loose or bare wires, and loose connections that could cause a serious shock or start a fire. Discard damaged sets of lights or damaged props that can no longer be used safely. Use only lights that have been safety tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Look for the UL label on the box and on each string. 

Use no more than three standard-size sets of lights per single extension cord. Don’t use electrical decorations or light strings on materials that could catch fire. Follow the use and care instructions that accompany your electrical decorations.

Make sure extension cords are in good condition. Use only UL-approved cords rated to carry the electrical load you will connect to them.

Keep electric cords out of high-traffic areas. PLEASE don’t staple or nail through light strings or electrical cords.

Fasten outdoor lights (use only lights rated for outdoor use) securely to trees, house walls, or other firm supports to protect the lights from wind damage. Use only insulated staples to hold light strings in place, not nails or tacks.

For added electric shock protection, outside cords should be plugged into outlets equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). Use a portable GFCI if your outdoor outlets don’t have them. GFCIs protect you from electric shocks. Portable outdoor GFCIs can be purchased where electrical supplies are sold. GFCIs can be installed permanently to household circuits by a qualified electrician, call Kalin Seamens at RealTime Electrical Solutions on 469-475-5488 if you have any questions. Kalin will make sure that you are safe.

Now is a great time to replace the batteries in your smoke detector. While you’re at it, vacuum them and test each one after replacing the batteries.

Turn off all lights when you go to bed or leave the house. The lights could short out and start a fire. Always have at least one fire extinguisher available and know how to use it. In homes with small children or animals, take special care to avoid decorations that are sharp or breakable.

Practice safety, use common sense and you’ll have a happy, accident-free Halloween! Enjoy the holiday and for any electrical issues or questions, give us a call at 469-475-5488.

Heating Your Swimming Pool on Cool Autumn Nights

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Swimming Pool Heaters

Even though it is far too early to start thinking about heating your home in North Texas, the first week of Fall is the perfect time to contemplate heating your swimming pool.

In our part of the country, a swimming pool heater would extend your family’s usual swimming season by several months. The Fall months are a great time to swim for fun or exercise if our pool water is heated and Autumn nights are particularly lovely in Texas. In fact, outdoor entertaining in the Fall can be lots more comfortable for your guests than during the sweltering Summer months. 

In addition to the food and big-screen TV, those September, October and November back-yard evenings are made even nicer when you can also offer your friends and family a swim after dark.

Modern, state-of-the-art pool heaters are designed to provide your family with years and years of reliable, efficient performance. For a long time, gas heaters seamed the obvious choice heating pools because pool water is heated quickly and gas prices were extremely low. Now, energy conscious consumers look for more efficient methods to heat their pools like heat pumps or solar heating.

If you’re about to heat your pool for the first time or need to replace an aging heating system, master electrician, Kalin Seamons will be glad to walk you through your options from an energy point of view, go over the upfront costs and explain how you could save the most money in the long run.

This isn’t New Jersey, so don’t be too quick to shut down your swimming pool just yet!

Pendant Lights: Inexpensive Home Update Without a Major Remodel

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Pendant Lighting

You’ve probably noticed a popular lighting trend on all the home remodeling television programs lately referred to as pendant lights. A pendant light is one that hangs from the ceiling suspended by a slender rod, cord or discreet chain. These single drop light fixtures are called pendant lights because they look similar to those lovely drops ladies wear around their necks on a delicate chain.

When pendant lights are hung together in a straight line, the effect is dramatic. This is especially true when pendant lights are suspended above a rectangle surface like a kitchen island or a long dining table. Not only are the aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the well-spaced individual pendants also ensure that the entire surface is equally lit.

Pendant lights are also being used effectively over bathroom vanities. Because the lights take up so little of the visual space, even small bathrooms where they’re used appear larger. Who doesn’t want a bigger bathroom? What an amazing change these little pendant lights make to your existing home design!

Wondering how high to hang your new pendant lights or what the optimum spacing is between the lights? Master electrician, Kalin Seamans has all those answers you and he can handle all the wiring for you.

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Pendant Lighting Bathroom

RealTime Electrical Services routinely design the lighting schematics for luxury homes, elegant hotel lobbies, restaurants, country clubs and corporate offices.

Lost Your Appetite Over Your Summer Electric Bill?

Reduce your Summer Electric Bill - RealTime Electrical Soluitions

One very effective way to lower your electric bill during the hot Texas Summer and Autumn months that doesn’t involve calling an electrician or the HVAC guy is cooking outside. Using your outdoor grill or microwaving keeps your kitchen cooler and consequently, reduces energy costs.

Cooking your entire meal on the outdoor grill makes the food taste fantastic, is easier to clean up and avoids heating up the kitchen. Steak, pork or chicken on the barbecue and veggies in those little silver packages make for killer cuisine! I believe in miracles and foil paper is certainly one of them.

Bon Appétit

Here are a few tips to save on electricity in your kitchen when grilling outside just isn’t feasible:

Turn off your oven about 15 minutes before the actual baking time is complete. The residual heat in you oven should finish the cooking process.

Avoid opening the oven door while you’re baking. Every time you open the door, you lose between 25 to 50 degrees of heat.

For energy savings on your stove top, make sure that your pots, pans and skillets have flat bottoms, have tight-fitting lids and that you match the size of the pan with the size of the burner.

Tamper Resistant Receptacles Protect Your Kids

Tamper Resistant Outlets - RealTime Electrical Solutions

As the father of a small child AND a master electrician, I know how to Baby-Proof your electrical outlets!

Of the nearly 5,500 people who suffered shocks and burns from electrical outlets last year, more than 2,400 of them were under the age of 17. Of those, countless injuries were caused when foreign objects like keys, paperclips, and hairpins were inserted into outlets.

Plastic plug-in inserts and wall plates with contact shutters are available for tamper resistance; however, these products ARE NOT UL-listed for safety/tamper resistance. One hundred percent of two to four year olds in a recent Temple University were able to remove a standard plastic outlet cap within ten seconds. Suffice it to say, I do not recommend those devices to my family and friends.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that Tamper Resistant Receptacles be installed in pediatric areas, so why would you use anything less effective for protecting your children in your own home?

Tamper Resistant Receptacles remain accessible and inconspicuous while offering a higher level of security than plastic outlet caps. TRRs look exactly like standard wall outlets, but the dangerous electrical contacts inside are shielded by receptacle cover plates. These plates stay closed until equal pressure is applied to both contact points at the same time, a maneuver your child will not be able to manage by simply inserting foreign objects into the outlet. Your master electrician will guide you through the product selection process, then quickly replace dangerous outlets with TRRs.

Day care centers, doctor’s offices, nursery schools and children’s play areas are replacing their high risk outlets with Tamper Resistant Receptacles. Call me and let me explain how cost effective this higher level of child safety can be. Kalin Seamans, Master Electrician 469-475-5488.

Why Emergency Generators?

Storms are just a fact of life when you reside in North Texas. By storms, I don’t mean a little thunder and lightning, I mean MAJOR storms that play havoc with your home’s electricity.

In Dallas and Rockwall Counties, we actually have what everyone nonchalantly refers to as “Tornado Season.” If you’ve ever watched news footage following the progression of a tornado, you’ll see frightening flashes as the monster slices its way through all the power lines in its path. If the area affected is large enough, your home can be left without any electricity at all for days waiting for repair crews to make their way to your neighborhood. There’s nothing you can do to stop a tornado, high winds or wild Texas electrical storms, but you can be prepared for the resulting outages by investing in your own emergency generator.

Buying an emergency generator might seem like a pretty pricey precaution given the chances that your home might go dark are slim, but ask your neighbors about their scary storm stories. You’ll be astounded at the numbers of how many were left in the dark and how long their homes remained without power.

Freezing rain in January and February is another phenomenon they fail to mention in the travel brochures. Within hours of freezing water attaching itself to your neighborhood’s power lines, the ice can become so heavy that it actually pulls the lines down. Freezing fog works the same way and we are lucky enough in North Texas to get both!

The time to evaluate cost versus risk is between these storm “seasons.” When the storm actually hits, cars line up around semi trucks bringing the coveted supply of portable emergency power generators. When the hundred or so generators are gone, there will usually not be a second shipment. If you’re not one of the lucky few, you drive home to a dark house with no heating or air conditioning, no working electric stove, no way to charge your electronic devices. Candles sell out quickly everywhere and gas camping stoves even quicker. All the food in your freezer defrosts all at the same time.

If you’re beginning to think that a standby emergency generator would be your best bet, do the smart thing and call a master electrician who has knowledge and experience of choosing and installing generators. Master electrician, Kalin Seamans RealTime Electrical Solutions deals with only the top-rated power generators on the market with comforting features like Mobile Link, Cold Weather Kits and Wireless Remote Monitors.

Kalin treats his customers like family and he’ll advise you on the best fit for your home, supply your generator, deliver it, install it and then maintain it for you. Call RealTime Electrical Solutions now to explore the possibilities of owning your own emergency generator.

There’s never a good time for you and your family to be left in the dark!

Spotlighting your Home’s Value with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your home’s curb appeal. In fact, professional outdoor lighting design is an investment that will even increase the resale value of your home.

RealTime Electrical Solutions’ master electrician, Kalin Seamans specializes in “masterfully” designed landscape lighting systems that really impress! Because every element will be professionally installed and connected to a central power source, you’ll have control everything from one spot in your home.

Instead of stringing lights in the garden yourself and dealing with umpteen plugs and power cords, why not choose a stunning outdoor lighting design and a quality installation.