Pendant Lights: Inexpensive Home Update Without a Major Remodel

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Pendant Lighting

You’ve probably noticed a popular lighting trend on all the home remodeling television programs lately referred to as pendant lights. A pendant light is one that hangs from the ceiling suspended by a slender rod, cord or discreet chain. These single drop light fixtures are called pendant lights because they look similar to those lovely drops ladies wear around their necks on a delicate chain.

When pendant lights are hung together in a straight line, the effect is dramatic. This is especially true when pendant lights are suspended above a rectangle surface like a kitchen island or a long dining table. Not only are the aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the well-spaced individual pendants also ensure that the entire surface is equally lit.

Pendant lights are also being used effectively over bathroom vanities. Because the lights take up so little of the visual space, even small bathrooms where they’re used appear larger. Who doesn’t want a bigger bathroom? What an amazing change these little pendant lights make to your existing home design!

Wondering how high to hang your new pendant lights or what the optimum spacing is between the lights? Master electrician, Kalin Seamans has all those answers you and he can handle all the wiring for you.

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Pendant Lighting Bathroom

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