Electric Smokers: Smart Choice for Your Thanksgiving Turkey

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Thanksgiving Turkey Smoker

Baking in the oven is how most Americans cook their Thanksgiving turkey. There’s nothing in the world wrong with that except that it leaves no room for cooking any other dishes in your oven.

Surprisingly, smoking your turkey is healthier than deep frying or oven baking because it requires no oil at all. Smoking actually retains more of the nutritional value of the meat than other methods. 

Smoking meat usually conjures up pictures of a specially built smoke house where meat is hung for weeks or a giant metal drum covered with black soot. Then there’s the piles of wood you have to burn to create the smoke. The meat tastes great, but it would be way too much trouble to cook like that when you’re trying to feed your family. Right? Wrong.

New electric smokers are convenient to use because they uses electricity to ignite the wood required to make the smoke. Even better, the wood comes in convenient chips of mesquite, pecan and other varieties that lend their specific flavor to the meat.

Thermostats monitor the temperature inside and there are control panels for just about everything. Master electrician, Kalin Seamans will be happy to chat with you about these new electric smokers. He’s already in the holiday spirit!