National Electrical Safety Month

Since May is National Electrical Safety Month, RealTime Electrical Solutions wants to remind you that, when it comes to electricity, a little extra vigilance & respect can actually save lives.

National Fire Protection Association research shows that an average of more than 53,000 electrical home structure fires cause the deaths of more than 450 people each year. More than 1,400 additional people are also injured by electrical house fires and electrical structure fires cause more than a billion dollars in property damage annually. Tragedies from electrical shock aren’t even covered in those statistics.

One of the most important things you can do is sit with your children and explain to them how they can help you discover electrical fire hazards in your home. Don’t scare them, but instead ask them to be Danger Detectives who help you eliminate potential problems.

Talk to your kids about how electricity works. Because they can’t see electricity, explaining how something that is invisible can be so powerful takes a bit time and patience.

Start with pointing out power lines in your neighborhood and teach your children that the power company uses those lines to bring electricity to your house. Teach them to always stay away from downed power lines they may see while playing outside and report them to you immediately. Take your children around your house and tell them how electricity moves around your house through wires in your walls. Tell your kids about how plugs work and that they should never stick anything into electrical outlets.

Doing a little research on electrical safety in the home will prepare you for teaching your children what they need to know to stay safe. It will also make you more aware of what safety precautions you need to take around your house to protect your family. If you need any help or suggestions, RealTime Electrical Solutions’ master electrician, Kalin Seamans is just a phone call away at 469-475-5488.