Surge Protection

Power Surge Protection

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If you’re one of the many people working from home now, a sudden surge of power bursting through residential electrical wires could have devastating effects on your livelihood. We all know to save our work as we go along, but nobody remembers to do that ALL of the time. One little power surge can make us break out in a cold sweat and take our breath away while we wait to see if this one will restart our computer.

When the main power source to your house comes back on after even a short outage, the returning burst of electricity through your wiring when the power comes back on can actually fry your computer equipment! 

Replacing electronics isn’t as expensive as it used to be, but still it “ain’t cheap.” The real horror is lost files. Spread sheets, research documents, proposals are all lost forever! Even a backup drive can become a mere paper weight as a result of one of these disasters.

Power surges can lay waste to computers, phones, entertainment systems and pretty much any device that has electronic sensors or timers. Creating a comprehensive strategy to protect your “stuff” from unwanted surges of electricity is strongly advised.

Surge Protection runs the gamut from the very least you can do with a high quality, grounded power strip all the way to whole house surge protection and uninterrupted power supplies for your home. RealTime Electrical Solutions specializes in customizing a surge protection plan for your particular needs to fit within your particular budget.