Solar Power

Keeping the Lights On When the Electric Grid Fails You

RealTime Electrical Solutions - Rockwall County  - Solar, Battery backup

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Recent technology has brought us ever increasing ways to set up our homes so that it can experience electrical grid outages and just keep on running.

For instance, batteries are gradually growing in size and capacity powerful enough to run your entire house. Here in sun-baked Texas, it will soon be possible to backup your regular electric supply using a battery that is kept fully charged by solar power.

Ultimately, you will be able to create a system to:

• Charge its batteries automatically from either solar power or inexpensive off-peak electricity from your electric company, whichever works best for you at any given time.

• Automatically switch to battery power or solar power, whenever normal grid service is interrupted.

• Maintain power to selected circuits in your home such as lights and your refrigerator or completely replace power to all the circuits in your home. 

In fact, it’s already possible to make your home independent of the electrical grid to cover emergencies with the use of a well designed grid-tied solar electric system.

There are already “conventional” generator backup power systems that run on gasoline, diesel or natural gas. There are also “hybrid” or dual systems, where both a solar electric-powered / battery backup, along with a conventional generator are tied into the home’s emergency power circuits. Convenience, security and safety are the main considerations when deciding on solid backup electrical system.

Not quite sure which type or size of backup power system is the best one you? Master Electrician, Kalin Seamans is an expert in the field. Kalin will show you all of your options, help you choose a backup power plan that is perfect for your family’s protection and your budget, then he’ll design and install a custom system just for you.

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