Power Outage

Why Emergency Generators?

Storms are just a fact of life when you reside in North Texas. By storms, I don’t mean a little thunder and lightning, I mean MAJOR storms that play havoc with your home’s electricity.

In Dallas and Rockwall Counties, we actually have what everyone nonchalantly refers to as “Tornado Season.” If you’ve ever watched news footage following the progression of a tornado, you’ll see frightening flashes as the monster slices its way through all the power lines in its path. If the area affected is large enough, your home can be left without any electricity at all for days waiting for repair crews to make their way to your neighborhood. There’s nothing you can do to stop a tornado, high winds or wild Texas electrical storms, but you can be prepared for the resulting outages by investing in your own emergency generator.

Buying an emergency generator might seem like a pretty pricey precaution given the chances that your home might go dark are slim, but ask your neighbors about their scary storm stories. You’ll be astounded at the numbers of how many were left in the dark and how long their homes remained without power.

Freezing rain in January and February is another phenomenon they fail to mention in the travel brochures. Within hours of freezing water attaching itself to your neighborhood’s power lines, the ice can become so heavy that it actually pulls the lines down. Freezing fog works the same way and we are lucky enough in North Texas to get both!

The time to evaluate cost versus risk is between these storm “seasons.” When the storm actually hits, cars line up around semi trucks bringing the coveted supply of portable emergency power generators. When the hundred or so generators are gone, there will usually not be a second shipment. If you’re not one of the lucky few, you drive home to a dark house with no heating or air conditioning, no working electric stove, no way to charge your electronic devices. Candles sell out quickly everywhere and gas camping stoves even quicker. All the food in your freezer defrosts all at the same time.

If you’re beginning to think that a standby emergency generator would be your best bet, do the smart thing and call a master electrician who has knowledge and experience of choosing and installing generators. Master electrician, Kalin Seamans RealTime Electrical Solutions deals with only the top-rated power generators on the market with comforting features like Mobile Link, Cold Weather Kits and Wireless Remote Monitors.

Kalin treats his customers like family and he’ll advise you on the best fit for your home, supply your generator, deliver it, install it and then maintain it for you. Call RealTime Electrical Solutions now to explore the possibilities of owning your own emergency generator.

There’s never a good time for you and your family to be left in the dark!