Light Bulbs

Stylish Light Bulbs vs Ugly White Spirals

Almost everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when they got the horrifying news. “You must give up your light bulbs,” the government told us, “to save energy!”

What did they offer us instead? The incandescent light bulbs that we’d grown up with were suddenly illegal and we were left with alien looking, white spiral thingies in their place.

Fortunately, private enterprise seized upon the problem and saved us from ugly light bulbs. Fast forward to 2017 and your aesthetically pleasing bulb options are cornucopic. You can now buy everything from “antique” inspired light bulbs to nearly perfectly sculpted doppelgangers, made to look just like the out-law bulbs we used to love. Your chandelier can even have lovely “candle light” bulbs again.

Thinking about LED bulbs, CFLs or acandescent bulbs? Confused about using the new lighting options to give you the effect you want in each room of your home. Wondering how long these bulbs last and how much they cost? Well, of course you are.

Over the next few weeks, master electrician, Kalin Seamans will be reviewing some of the coolest new light bulbs available on the market today. Why? Because women keep asking him if they have to use ugly light bulbs in their homes or if there’s an alternative. His customers want answers and he wants to give them the service they so richly deserve!