Electrical Panel Upgrades

Do you have a circuit breaker that trips frequently?

Fuses or breakers are designed so that if a current is high enough to damage the wiring, the fuse or breaker will detect this and open the circuit. That’s engineer talk for stopping the electric running through the circuit and turning it off!

Fuses and circuit breakers protect the wiring and shut off the power. If a current is high enough to damage the wiring, the fuse or breaker will detect this and open the circuit i.e. switch it off. However, unacceptably high currents can cause insulation damage and overheating that threaten to either damage electrical appliances connected to the circuit or cause combustible materials near the wiring to ignite.

Most people with breakers will just find which one tripped and flip it back on. This is not the best thing to do without paying some attention to what caused the circuit to be overloaded in the first place. Usually the home owner would have some clue as to what is stressing the electrical circuit. Did you just add a space heater to a circuit that tripped when the heater was in use for the first time, or when the temperature sank really low and caused the heater to stay on longer?

The real problem is that the wiring may be improperly sized for your space heater and all the other things you have already on the circuit. If this happens to you you may need to add a separate circuit for the space heater, or beef up the whole circuit.

Older homes may need electrical Upgrades. When homes are built, strict building codes and a professional, licensed electrician all but guarantee a safe electrical system in the home. Even a home built in 1950 should be perfectly safe today, if nobody has tampered with the wiring. Of course, since most people can’t live without a microwave and other modern appliances, almost no home goes too long with its original wiring. Most problems with electrical wiring occur when these upgrades aren’t done correctly. Microwaves, computers, space heaters, and air conditioners are the biggest culprits, but any appliance, even toasters, may require alterations to your electrical wiring.

So remember this, if a circuit is overloaded it doesn’t mean that it will just blow a breaker. It could possibly cause a fire to ignite! If your breaker is tripping regularly call Kalin Seamans and have him check out the problem. Kalin is a family man himself and he wants to keep your family safe.

Commercial Electrical Panels

commercial electrical services rockwall county - greater garland area

Top commercial electrician in Rockwall County and Greater Garland, RealTime Electrical Solutions’ mission is to offer our clients superior service in every way. Our team has gone through extensive training and certified to handle any type of electrical issue your business may face. We do all of our own work and never sub-contracting anything.

From repairing code violations to installing new lighting, RES completes the work promptly and at an affordable price. Professionalism, continuing education and value are hallmarks of the RES business model. We never compromise on service and would welcome the opportunity to earn your business. We offer a full range of commercial electrical services including electrical panel installation, upgrades & repairs throughout Rockwall County and the Greater Garland area.

Start off 2018 with Electrical Safety

Watch for warning signs that may indicate the need for a new electrical panel in your facilities. These signs include, breakers frequently tripping, warm breakers, flickering lights and crackling or sizzling at the panel. Please don’t dismiss these warning signs. The dangers of ignoring these symptoms include more and more circuit issues within the panel due to heat and a potential fire. 

We offer full electrical service to ensure that your property is safe. We put our money where our mouth is and offer 55% off electrical panel upgrades and replacements to help you ensure that your electrical safety is not compromised. Call us now for a New Year’s electrical safety check.

rockwall county commercial  electrician - main panel upgrades

Safety is a top priority at RealTime Electrical Solutions. We will replace your electrical panel according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, install approved breakers, and if necessary perform a full service upgrade. We also include all permitting as required. Contact us for your commercial electrical panel maintenance Rockwall County and the Greater Garland area.

In addition to the services listed above, we also offer:

Service Panel Upgrades
Meter Base Repairs
Meter Base Replacements
Service Mast Repairs
Replace Weather Head
New Grounding Systems
Whole House Surge Protection Devices
Label Circuits on Existing Panels
Sub Panel Installation

Call Kalin Seamans, owner of RealTime Electrical Solutions and Master Electrician, with any questions you have about your electrical systems.

Breaking down Fuses and Breakers

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This excellent graphic shows the different types of fuse and breaker used in electrical panels through the years and explains how to keep your home safe. Provided by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) the premier non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting electrical safety at home and in the workplace.

Learn more about the ESFI and your home electrical safety – click here.

The electrical control panel controls the safe use of electrical power in your home or business. They are usually out of sight and consequently out of mind (except when a breaker trips and everyone reaches for a flashlight or even candles!

The point is that the fuse or breaker panel is the place where you might notice problems arising before they become really dangerous. Has the same breaker been tripping often? This might be a good time to have a panel inspection. If your home is older than 40 years old or has had a major addition, renovation or large appliance added then you should have an electrical inspection according to the ESFI.

Fuses are commonly found in houses built over 55 years ago. They provide basic protection with a fuse that MELTS when overloaded. PLEASE do not be tempted to replace a blown fuse fuse with a larger rated one ( example – 20 amp replaces 10 amp) as this would be a dangerous fire hazard.

Whatever your concerns, RealTime Electrical Solutions and Kalin’s team will provide peace of mind with a Home Electrical Assessment for just $75! The inspection includes:

– Panel Inspection
– Plug & Switch inspection
– Attic Inspection
– Electric Equipment Inspection
– Photos With Notes Of Trouble Spots

Call Kalin now 469-475-5488 for quick service in the Rockwall County greater Garland area.

Electric Panel Upgrades

Why would you need to upgrade your electrical panel, you ask? Out of site, out of mind, right? An electrical system that is aged, worn or not up to building codes could be a huge safety risk. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to electricity. Shorts and overheating of an electrical system is actually a fire risk.

Electric panels channel electricity that comes into your home or office from the meter and distributes it to the circuits in your home or business. These panels can develop issues with properly distributing the power resources for many reasons, especially when you add or replace original appliances. Obviously, if you plan to add a room to your house or break through the wall to expand into the office next door, you’re going to need to upgrade your electrical panel.

More commonly though, electric panel replacement occurs in homes more than 10 years old. Electric panels come in a range of capacities: 100, 150, 200, or 400 amps. All homes require a minimum amperage, and your electric panel must support that minimum. If you own an older home, it goes without saying your house has an older, lower power panel. The problem is that these old amperage panels probably won’t be able to power all of today’s modern electrical equipment and appliances.

Consequently, if your home needs to handle 200 amps, but your old electrical panel is only rated to 100, you need an electrical panel upgrade to handle the additional power requirements.